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Hey there, thanks for visiting. The construction work for the blog has just finished except for one thing and that's the lounge section, as always. (For some reason, it's always incomplete)
For old viewers, here are what I've did to my blog, in case you didn't notice:
- removed Archive page cause it's high maintenance
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- installed FontAwesome
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- added different header images for all other pages
Have fun reading about me whining. ;)


Feb 16, 2013


Scribbling all over the page...
Drying all the ink...
Breaking the nibs...
Yet and still, all emotions of one's heart and mind cannot be fully illustrated...
Anxiety and confusion cannot be described in black and white
Only thy heart may know
But thou shall not know of mine
And so I can only write
How much would thou shall know and understand I cannot measure
But I can be certain
That thou will not understand
My fears, worries and confusions

And I shall continue to write
Even though thou might never know
I shall write on
To my heart's content
But I do not know when can I finally write to my own heart's content
For as long as it is not found
My heart can never rest
My heart can never stop
Chains of despair come upon me
As I fought and sought for that very light
Which was flickering
As if for a moment
It was there
And another moment
It has never existed