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Name Japorized, Johnson5756, Johnson Ng
Age 19
Gender Male
Birthday February 10, 1995
Location Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Origin Taiping, Malaysia
Occupation Student
Johnson has received most of his education in his home country thus far.

Primary Education (7 - 12 years old)
In a small school in the outskirts, Johnson received his first formal education. There, he simply passed his days in peace and cheeriness. Young age allowed him to enjoy the simplicity of life. However, he liked studying, even though he did not know it. He was usually chosen by his tutors to participate in academic competitions, such as public speaking and inter-school quizzes. He was also elected as the head of the school prefect at the final year of primary education.
Achievements: UPSR (Primary School Evaluation Test) - 7A for 7 subjects

Lower Secondary Education (13-15 years old)
He moved into a prestigious school in his district for his secondary education. There, he was quickly challenged by the new people that he met. It was a place of competitions, as the others have received more pressuring education and raising than he did. He lost his place as the student who would always be at competitions. And at the same time, he decided not to participate in school servicing activities, such as that that he did in primary school as a prefect. He quickly lost his way and sight as responsibility no longer befell him. Uncertainty grew and he became a machine that would only study for the sake of taking exams.
PMR (Lower Secondary Assessment) - 8A for 8 subjects

Upper Secondary Education (16-17 years old)
Upper secondary education (more commonly known as high school as they are similar) started of with lots of eagerness, but he was quickly discouraged as the gap between lower and upper secondary was rather great at that time. Things took a turn for the worse as his private life started becoming more and more of a mess, where he completely lost himself in it. The two years were full of emotional breakdowns for him. He was lucky that he discovered Clannad and Dearly Beloved (refer to leisure column) at that time, which saved him from despair numerous times.
His liking for study did not wilt away, as he continued his ways of machinery. However, things also started to change at that stage, mostly thanks to Clannad that had somehow awakened something inside of him. He started to realise that he likes studying.
SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education) - 8A+ 2A 1A- 1B+ for 12 subjects

Tertiary Education (18 - x years old)
Currently enrolled under the American Degree Transfer Program in Sunway University, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, he is now pursuing for an Actuarial Science degree. His current plan is to enrol himself into the Co-operative program that the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has to offer. With a clear goal in mind, he continues to work hard.
1st semester - 3A 1B+ for 4 subjects
2nd semester (short semester) - 2A for 2 subjects
Johnson started learning HTML at the age of 12 in his primary school, which they employed a company that taught knowledge of computers to young children. HTML was one of the chapters. He fell in love with how he can make his own webpages, even though the codes that he used were the most ancient form of HTML, in which all characters must be typed in capital letters. Nevertheless, after primary school, he never had the chance to properly and further learn any programming language.

It was not until the age of 14, where his family finally installed proper Internet connection that he started having his own blog, this blog. He wanted to change the background image of his blog. However, the width of the image did not fit, which prompted him to look up for a solution on Google. It was at this time that he discovered that all that he has learnt was ancient, and that the world of web programming have advanced to xHTML and HTML4. And it was at that time that he discovered CSS and the newly introduced CSS3. He started on playing with some of the new toys for him, and he was able to program simple HTML and CSS pages in no time, given that they are simple languages.

He encountered more languages, such as JavaScript, php, and AJAX, all of which he had never learnt or understood. Web tutorials did not help him, nor could he find any book in the school library or book shops in his area. However, he then started to learn about jQuery, mostly from a website called TestJalCSS (then evolved into Ego One, which is now a dead website). Again, he did not understand any of it. His entire progress of learning stalled as he started his high school years.

In 2013, Env*to released free video tutorials for jQuery, which Johnson downloaded and stored in his trusty MacBook Pro. However, they were not touched until recently, which he started to follow the tutorials and about the programming techniques using jQuery.

One of the most surprising thing for many is that, with his immense interest in programming, Johnson did not decide to pursue a degree in programming. This is mostly due to his other love for mathematics and its applications. He wanted to do something with math instead of programming, which he only treats as a pastime.

Here's a shot of nostalgia of the blog's older look from about 2010 or 2011, traced using Web Archive. Some of the images are long gone but this serves as a show of growth in terms of how he changed the blog design.
Favorite Anime
  • Clannad
  • Byousoku 5 Centimeter (5 Centimetres per Second)
Favorite Songs
  • Dearly Beloved - Yoko Shimomura
  • Machi, Toki wa Nagare, Hito (Town, Flow of Time, People) - KEY
  • PARADISE ~Nichijou~ - Ootake Kaoruko
  • Worth Living - KEY
  • Red Velvet - NicolArmarfi
Favorite Food
  • Spicy food
Favorite Drink
  • Mocha
  • Earl Grey Tea
Favorite Pastime
  • Web Programming & Designing
  • BGM Hunting
  • Gaming - non-hardcore
  • Reading - book / manga
  • Watching Anime
Favorite Quotes Pathetic and futile. But is not all life pathetic and futile? Is not his story a microcosm of the whole? We reach. We grasp. And what is left in our hands at the end? A shadow. Or worse than a shadow - misery.
- Sherlock Holmes, as written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The world is beautiful...
Even if it's filled with tears and sadness...
Still, open your eyes...
Do the things you want to try...
Become the person you desire...
Go and search for friends...
Don't rush things and grow up slowly...
- Ichinose, as written in Clannad, by Jun Maeda