The blog's under construction now.
Things might look really ugly, so ugly that you'll want to ball your eyes out.
So read at your own risk.
Announcement Box

Hey there, thanks for visiting. The construction work for the blog has just finished except for one thing and that's the lounge section, as always. (For some reason, it's always incomplete)
For old viewers, here are what I've did to my blog, in case you didn't notice:
- removed Archive page cause it's high maintenance
- changed the gallery to an Instagram feed
- installed FontAwesome
- created a Music Player for the lounge, no longer do you need to look at millions of play buttons, just click and play
- newly written About page
- header image can now be changed but only for Home and inside of posts, toggle it away with the up arrow if you need to
- added different header images for all other pages
Have fun reading about me whining. ;)



Disclaimer: I do not own any of these songs and credits shall be given to their respective companies and composers. I am only sharing these songs for the sake of sharing good music.

Notes: The audio tag is not supported by certain outdated browsers. However, I believe that both Chrome and Firefox can't listen to the songs, even though they can see the audio player. This is due to the different development that Chrome and Firefox are experiencing. I will try to look for a fix but I have no guarantees. I would like to try jPlayer but I cannot find a website to host the codes.
And I am using Safari myself and everything here's working perfectly.
Go to test page if you're not on Safari and see if it works for you.

Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved Reprise

Yoko Shimomura