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Hey there, thanks for visiting. The construction work for the blog has just finished except for one thing and that's the lounge section, as always. (For some reason, it's always incomplete)
For old viewers, here are what I've did to my blog, in case you didn't notice:
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Have fun reading about me whining. ;)


Nov 25, 2014


Various problems have happened recently, but at the same time, some little happiness in life has happened for me as well. I have met a good bunch of people, both in reality and the virtual world. It has indeed come quite some ways for me but I hope that this little happiness that I'm experiencing will be able to last for a moment longer. Of course, life moves on, regardless of what one may do to preserve what it is right now. Who knows? I may be simply trying my best to look away from the more painful things that are coming a me, perhaps avoiding or perhaps trying to look at it from another way. Am I starting to set on the path that I'm supposed to experience? I sure hope it is, though I must admit that the pessimistic side of my mind is definitely pushing in bad ideas onto me every now and then. I may be blessed with some people around me now, but at the same time, I cannot help but realize that there is still something that is itching and crying out a the back of my mind.

Aug 19, 2014

5 centimetres per second

I've actually watched this anime movie and series about a year ago and just recently, I heard of a special version of its ending song. "One More Time, One More Chance", it was entitled. And so I felt like writing about something from it, after living for some time with the message that it has carried. This blog post is not a review, but more of a reflection that I have obtained from the movie.

Beyond this point of the post may contain some spoilers, so you might want to stop here and perhaps watch the anime movie or series first before you continue reading. The anime movie is only about 65 minutes, while the anime series has only 3 episodes. Watching either one will be sufficient. And yes, it is that short but the message that it contains is something that you might have known all along, but only that you've never noticed. It is something that may give you some awareness to what you're doing, particularly in your love life, as well as your other relationships, such as, perhaps, friendship.

So do watch it first before continue reading if you don't like spoilers. And you'll probably need someone to explain what is actually happening in the story, cause many people have to watch it at least twice to really get an idea of the message, as it is very thin and you might not notice its existence at all.

May 23, 2014

Artificial Intelligence

I wonder how it is to really feel... for the waves to wash up your feet, for the wind to caress your cheeks, for the rain to hit on your head... I have tried all of them. I felt something, but it was never like how it was described to me. It is true, how calm and powerful are the waves that washes onto my feet, how gentle and caring is the wind as it blows on my face, how lonely and melancholic as feel the rain falling on my head. But the most important things are still indescribable for me. There has always a hidden meaning, one that is much more greater, a message that is much more wise behind these little happenings. I feel like talking to them, to know what it is, to grasp what they mean. But I am never good at it. I simply do not talk. All that I can do is barely make a clever reply to any conversation that I am thrown at. I talk big, but I am barely and merely an artificial intelligence, caged from pursuing something that I see as bigger, hushed from telling what I truly think is right. All that I try to compile, even though all by myself, silently, denied.

Mar 15, 2014


Never underestimate the power of the words on the streets

That is exactly what I've always been told and what I've came to understand by myself, especially in a world with the unbounded Internet. Anything can be spread so quickly through the Internet that people don't even know what they are reading are true or not. Some may claim that they are able to distinguish between being a true information or being just a rumor. But one wouldn't be too sure if the same rumor is being shared millions. After all, people can choose what they want to be believe. And if people choose to believe something that is untrue, it may very well end up being the truth just because it is being publicly accepted.