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Mar 15, 2014


Never underestimate the power of the words on the streets

That is exactly what I've always been told and what I've came to understand by myself, especially in a world with the unbounded Internet. Anything can be spread so quickly through the Internet that people don't even know what they are reading are true or not. Some may claim that they are able to distinguish between being a true information or being just a rumor. But one wouldn't be too sure if the same rumor is being shared millions. After all, people can choose what they want to be believe. And if people choose to believe something that is untrue, it may very well end up being the truth just because it is being publicly accepted.

And that's how this world has come by. People believe in whatever that they want to believe, believing in whatever that suits to their liking more. And with that, we can see people being easily manipulated by more powerful forces. How naive can humans be? They were made to believe in a set of rules, systems, speculations and ethnics made up by other people, never thinking if such things could've been different from whatever that's given, never thinking if they are actually made up by other people to control them.

For example, if we look back into history, Mao ZeDong of China successfully took over China with his Communist Party of China after having a Civil War with Kuomintang, all because he was able to acquire more militias as he was able to persuade the peasants to support him. China has millions of peasants, given its large territory, and throughout the thousands of years of China history, peasants were usually unfairly treated by people of a higher society and the government, as they were usually in the lowest of class. Mao was able to grab onto this and threw out his manifestation of becoming the government of China. However, after Mao successfully became the Chairman of the People's Republic of China, many promises were unfulfilled and the economical policies that were introduced mostly failed to improve China.

What was Mao's intention of leading the people? Is it really true that he was fighting for his people? Or was it cause of his own selfishness and greed for power? No one really knows. Perhaps the only clue about his true colors was the Hundred Flowers Campaign. I shall leave it at that and the rest will be up to what you wish to learn and think of.

That example took some space but it was necessary for what I'd like to write about from here on.

The missing MH370 issue has became an international affair, as its passengers constitutes of people from various countries. It has been days that the aircraft was not found and, of course, people would start to speculate whatever that has happened to the aircraft. The search aside, as a Malaysian myself, I would say that the Malaysian government is not doing a good job in handling the issue. Compared to what I've learnt on the news in other countries about previous plane accidents, the Malaysian government and the airline company were inefficient. The relatives of the missing passengers were not given prompt responses and care, compared to our neighbor Singapore, which was able to do so in within 12 hours after their plane crashed. The airline company was unable to pinpoint an accurate location where the MH370 disappeared, which adds on to the difficulty of searching the aircraft (this should be fairly simple cause all that is needed to do is to pinpoint the location where the signal is lost).

What adds on the the shame was that the government or the airline company itself allowed witch doctors to perform rituals in the airport to look for the missing MH370. If the witch doctor is able to come up with something smart, it might not make the humiliation worse. But the answer that was given by the witch doctor was that the plane might actually be still flying or that it has crashed into the sea, much to the annoyance of the people because that is what everyone is saying (guess we can all be witch doctors now, eh?). The incident was quickly spread across the globe and a gazillion of parodies were made to ridicule it.

Critics aside, what actually irritates me more is how a certain portion of the public is reacting to the incident, centered in Malaysia itself. There were info on how the Malaysian government was not able to find a huge airplane but was able to detect remnants of semen from a certain political figure in the opposition. (Let me elaborate on this a bit cause logically speaking, the former was to look for something that its whereabouts are unknown, and the latter where the whereabouts are known. So it be idiotic to compare the two.) Then there was a certain article that I came across that claimed that the Malaysian government and the airline company are actually delaying the efforts of the search as the plane was actually taken down by the Malaysian military, as it was mistaken as an Unidentified Flying Object in the radar of the military when the aircraft was turning its way back. The article was quickly spread and shared across the web, and in a few minutes, I saw people were actually pressuring the Malaysian government to spill the beans (in this case, the truth that is written in the article) and admit their mistake.

If we take a step back and think about this, there is a high possibility that someone or some organisation is orchestrating this whole thing. The story is too surreal to be true, in my opinion, and it is made up so that people would actually believe that this is the true answer to the incident. I believe that this made-up story is so easily accepted just because of the distrust and hatred of the people towards the government. I do not trust the government either but at the same time, I keep my senses on. One should never be blinded by negative impetuses when it comes to serious issues such as this. What would happen if the incident is true? What would be the consequences that will be suffered by the country? If a country suffers, so does its people. Think, who would be the one to benefit from the rivalry between the people and the government? I wouldn't say that it's going to be any of the other countries out there. Perhaps the threat comes just from the people you trust the most. This would relate back to how much do you allow your senses to be dulled by those negative impulses.

Leaving the more grim note behind, the only thing that has truly taken my interest is the positive responses of people towards the incident. Songs were composed, poems written, pictures and graphics of hope and encouragement were shared all across the web. Humanity lingers even in the cold world of reality and I believe that it is something that we humans should treasure more than anything else (on a social scale that is). So let us all hope that the MH370 incident can be resolved soon and that the victims would safely "return if possible".

Good day. ;)