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Jan 4, 2011

Targeting targets

The newborn 2011 is finally starting to make it's first crawl for students as the first day of school starts. And today, we, as the fresh breed of Form 4 students of the school, are to choose our desired straits, or streams as it's called here (I don't know why I called them straits when not calling them as Science Stream, Arts Stream or Science Account Stream). I chose the Science Stream, and definitely after a few fighting in my head alright. I was deciding on Science Stream or Science Account Stream (I'll censor the word Stream from now on... Real waste in words).

Actually, there's no need to struggle between these two in other schools. But it's cause by one tiny trouble that the Science students caused last year, when Accountancy Principle starts to require a folio for their new SPM format. They were late to pass up their messy work and the teachers got really frustrated about that and made up their mind to prohibit the coming Science student to take up Accountancy Principle? This is madness, mind you. It really cause a havoc to us, the new Form 4 students, on whether to decide on Science or Science Account, cause, thanks to our teachers' laziness, we're gonna go on a tough decision on Biology or Accountancy Principle and you can't have both.

So there's no more happy ending for the '11 Form 4's when we reach Form 5 and take up SPM. The most you can take if you're in Science is 11, including Visualized Arts (that's for me), and not 12, unless you take Chinese Literature (but you'll need to be very pro in Chinese, but well, I'm just an amateur). Science Account students won't have to chance to get Bio on so there's another 11 but same case for 12. And if they are wanting to go for something that is Science-related in the U's, their efforts are gonna fall short. As for Arts students, they won't have that opportunity cause they have no Physics, Chemistry nor Biology.

So the real school starts by tomorrow for the Form 4's. Let's just hope that all will do well even though some are separated by straits now but we'll all be as one 'til, perhaps even after Form 5 for some.

As for what am I gonna do this year is yet I'm not sure. But I'll not be the old me anymore, I think. I won't loaf around much these days and put more into studying, but still, another part of me will still be with the markup languages. Perhaps this year, I'll try to get javascript and jQuery handled and get my HTML better and more stable cause I think I'm still really weak in certain sections. And as for formal school education (haha, can't help remembering that one of my teachers too said that Malaysian Education is a real baby), I'm not gonna sit there quietly and be the old guy staying behind in rankings. I'll try defeating that guy, he's just too arrogant and I can't stand arrogance these days. And I'm gonna show him that he's so wrong to be arrogant and to ever look down on students from villages. Oh, I'll show him alright.

Well the Chinese New Year is probably coming in a few weeks. And the school's already has a lot of planned activities for the students, especially for us the upper forms. So in two weeks time, there'll be an Eco-conscious Project. And throughout the coming weeks, I reckon, that house training will be as frequent. And not to forget the Cross Country Race for the school. Well, it's quite normal to be busy in school days every dawn of the year. And else I need to find for some tuition out there. I don't think I'm gonna get pass the first test if I don't get ready in time.

Time really does projects faster when you grow older. So, I think it's value is somewhere more valuable than gold now.