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Dec 23, 2010

Result Release

23rd of December was the release date of the PMR results. To my amazement, I wasn't as nervous as I expect myself to be. Whereas, I took it as just some normal day taking a normal result. Only that the teachers are distributing the results in the school hall but that doesn't mean that I should be nervous of that. Before stepping into the hall, I, as when I was sitting for PMR, took a deep breath and walked in with my friends in queues.

According to the name list of the class, I was the 17th student that was taking the results, everything went on smoothly and I receive my result in a short time. The teacher in charge of my class, which is also my Chinese teacher, Ms. Chuah, for this year, mouthed a "Congrats!" in Chinese and I knew my own result before looking at it. I was planning to not look at it and ask my friends to tell me my result. Well, there goes the fun...

Not much of a surprise that I got straight A's since that Pn. Chuah had let the cat of out my bag. And I was relieved to know that nearly everyone in my class got the same result except two unfortunate ones. Really do feel down for them, being the only two that didn't get the similar end even though in the same class. But luck is another important thing in stuff like this. Hope that they won't be too disappointed in their results and keep up the good work in the future, like SPM, cause they're not that bad. Probably going to be better than me anytime from now. :) (If you're the unlucky one and reading this, let me tell you that you're doing it great and keep up the good work.)

What? You don't know how much is a straight A for PMR? Well some really do don't know that there's a difference between different races and schools. For mine, it's a Chinese under-government high-school. So according to majority and normally, students take up to 8 subjects, naming Malay, Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Living Skills. 8 is not a small number though for subjects. For the Chinese, it's a number of prosperity, no doubt, as it rhymes and nearly has the same pronunciation as "发", which means prosper in Chinese. But in this case it just doesn't seem so stuck with the old beliefs, eh? *chuckle

Well, what's next? SPM is just two short years later and I don't think I do have time to joke around that thing. It's like a matter of life and death for many students. And they say that it's a large gap between PMR and SPM even though it's only two years in time. This reminds me of my Standard 4, when they also tell the same that Standard 3 and 4 has a large gap between them and it can decide your coming UPSR, PMR and SPM. And I remember that I failed in my Malay essay exam with a 38, I think. That's the lowest mark I have ever achieved through my 15 years of life. I'm lucky to have my own ego in stuff like this so fortunately, I stood up and continued my education journey to today. Now, this gap, no one had ever described how large is it to me before, and I have a sinking feeling that many of us are gonna fall real hard on that cement floor. (Just to emphasize... lol) Hope that we can all just leap over that fencing and continue on with the coming war, SPM...

Hey, shouldn't I feel happy with what I have now? Not really actually. It's not that I'm not satisfied of something cause I reached the target of the year. It's just that I found something... wordless... on a friend of mine. Something's wrong with him recently. He wasn't someone like this. He's supposed to be someone cheerful, optimistic, jolly and encouraging others. But, recently, something's definitely wrong. He became really quiet and doesn't really want to talk about anything. It's like he just changed into someone else in just a few months (I noticed this since the end of the PMR trial). I just can't tell what's wrong but I'm definite that a screw just got loose. Gonna talk to him when school re-opens.

Well, aside of my friend's problem, I'm really relieved to know that finally the waiting had passed and another dimension of education is sitting ahead waiting for my friends and I to venture into it. ;)