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Hey there, thanks for visiting. The construction work for the blog has just finished except for one thing and that's the lounge section, as always. (For some reason, it's always incomplete)
For old viewers, here are what I've did to my blog, in case you didn't notice:
- removed Archive page cause it's high maintenance
- changed the gallery to an Instagram feed
- installed FontAwesome
- created a Music Player for the lounge, no longer do you need to look at millions of play buttons, just click and play
- newly written About page
- header image can now be changed but only for Home and inside of posts, toggle it away with the up arrow if you need to
- added different header images for all other pages
Have fun reading about me whining. ;)


Dec 19, 2010

Vaporized - Japorized

Bonjour and I hope that you would enjoy the unexpected change in address together with a few parts that are beginning to change. Sticking to one theme or images too long can be a matter of over-encumbrance, a burden in simple words. I have changed the title of the blog from JNub's Space to Japorized. There're actually a few reasons to why I do so. JNub's Space was a name I, hmm... how to explain... gave as I had no other better names in store (brain :p). And why Japorized?

Japorized, is a name given from the word Vaporized (American spelling). The "V" is then substituted to "J" which is my initial. It now means a forgotten person, as if vaporized from the world. As to why so, I don't really wanna say about that. I've been sad enough on that.

The year 2010 is dying already and what have I done this year. It's time for a sum up. Let's see, I wholly improved my HTML and CSS skills and learned up a little javascript and jQuery. And I've got myself Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and Adobe Fireworks CS5 (which the last one, I still don't know what it is... :P). Comparing to my wishlist this year, I did a little extra on them. I was only wishing for Photoshop CS4 while in mid-year, CS5 popped out of nowhere and starts to rule the graphic world. And Dreamweaver, never thought I'll be using that but at least it's better than using only Notepad which doesn't give you a live-preview. Fireworks is still in my download list. HTML, omg... HTML5 was introduced mid-year. Many don't know about this baby and just laughs at you when you tell them that there's something called HTML5 out there. HTML4, for me, totally sucked out cause the first html tag is too long and you have to remember some kind of address. As for HTML5, simple and fast, sums up all the yakking with only <!DOCTYPE html>. lol

I was playing around Blogger HTML while I accidentally bumped into CSS. The first thing I touched was, of course, the body tag. I was looking for 'How to change your background image in Blogger' with Google. That introduced me to start playing around with CSS so that's about 2 years I've been with it. And I mastered it faster than I expected. My CSS skills is a whole lot better than my HTML skills. It's so simple and I think I should teach Bloggers around me (friends that use Blogger) a few simple tips and tricks to design their own blog.

And another recent stuff I did was designing my friend's blog, ZHTeoh's Blog. He's a good coder at my age. If he's still at my school. He must be the best coder in Form 3. I'm second I think. And I think one of my friend is secretly learning and not telling anyone. Should I point out? It's you Lavender! I've been suspecting that you're learning cause you can say that you become blur when looking at it. lol

And I'm changing back the comment system to default instead of DisQus cause I think they have some bug or something. Some comments just disappeared to nowhere even though they posted through DisQus commenting system. So I'll take back the default and design it myself.

Ah... Talk about javascript and jQuery. I'm still in the dark. I can do some really simple and easy tags but not a whole long one. That would be a really pain in the rear. javascript is too complex at many parts but jQuery is a lot simpler than it. jQuery is also a whole lot better cause it beautifies many websites and I believe that it can do the same at blogs. I'm now trying out the code in my portfolio page. Using jQuery to open up some space for myself but found that anything you post will be added to the outer-wrapper which I tried to remove and in the end, I removed all my own contents. lol What did I use. It's just this:

$('.outer-wrapper').remove(); //Removed outer-wrapper
Edit on Aug 9, 2014: Haha... That's just a simple selector removal. I really didn't work hard back then. And I didn't even add the period for the class

See? The simplicity? (To the pros out there, I'm just a noob) Alright. I'll need some really useful tutorials to fully hmm... what's the better word? "Hack"? lol. Alright, fully edit the page at my own will. I tried many ways, adding another div only made things worse.

Ok... What's next? Ah... 23rd December. The distribution of the holy grail, freaking blasting bombastically damned PMR results. I'm quite nervous actually but at least it's not written all over my face. Really hope that I can do well in it. I want to be on the same line as my god-sister (I don't know what it's actually called in English but this is the closest word possible. The Chinese word is 干姐). She's really a good student in academics. And she wanted me be, if possible, better than her. She got straight in all her governmental examinations (she's now at university). I opened my eyes wide and my mouth open when she said that to me. lol

Well, been a while I didn't write a blog this long. Good job Jap!