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Jan 12, 2011


I can't really say that it's very busy at school, since the unfortunate incident happened and all the school co-curricular activities are forced to make an instant halt in conjunction with the event. So no extra activities for everyone for the next two weeks (one week is passing already), meaning that we have more time for the moment. Perfe... Erm... I can't use the word perfect, right? Cause it's like I'm not respecting the deceased. Let's just say that I'm using the free time to get use to my Form 4 life.

First things first, I can easily get use to things around me. And the environment now is good and slow enough to fill up most of my leisure time. Getting used to the new way of life everyday. Wakes up at 5.45am and leaves school at 1.40pm and such. Homework is getting heavier by day but still am capable of handling it for now. Well, probably the most important thing that I need to focus now is the March monthly examinations. I know that it's quite far for some cause it's only January and we are like just started our school for two weeks. But I'm serious guys. I'm not taking any chances of failing any subjects of my first test. Make it Additional Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History or all the other "blah blah blah"s. Yeah, go ahead and give me any nicknames for this "kiasu" type of me. Let's just say I have high expectations for myself, okay? Even my parents won't pressure me so much (this might be the first time... or the second if someone else did before me... that I am pressuring myself, not my parents... lol).

I don't know if you have the same feeling but I think I'm starting to like Additional Mathematics. It's not that I like the teacher, or my tuition one (he's a whole lot better than the one at school...). But it's like I'm addicted to numerics recently. Closing my eye lids would launch me onto a journey of numbers. I can see the numbers dancing while forming equations or expressions. At first, I thought I was nuts but now I see that it's searching for a place inside me.

Well I don't know...

This week has been very busy. I don't got a chance to get online and now I have to bear with my sleepiness and come online. I was elected as Treasurer in class. The work is simple but when I saw the list of bills coming, and after calculation, my class was already starting to spend a total of RM250+... 0.0 Well that was surprising...