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Oct 31, 2013


Since the times of Archimedes, the Theory of Everything (ToE) had been pursued by physicians. It's been a few millennia and yet it is still an unknown. More and more theories are thrown out by the physicians, relating to the ToE, and the explanations are all very intriguing (to my logical mind that is). I may not be a physician, nor am I any kind of person in Science but I have a weight on me that this theory cannot be found. The ToE is the ultimate and final theory to all happenings in the Universe, while this Universe is so gigantic and no one can ever claim to have seen all of it. Even when we've finally thought that we've found our theory, sooner or later, it will be toppled down again to another mere theory of a number of things.
Take that I'm blabbering at the first part of the post. It's been a while since I wrote on the blog but a lot has changed and happened since the last blog post. Blog makeover aside, most of these changes and happenings are upon myself. And just as a note, this post is inspired by a certain anime that I've actually watched twice (might watch it for a third time). One of its episodes was entitled "Theory of Everything", which was an ending to a certain character's arc in the anime (Okay "otaku"s, you might already know which anime it is, or you'll know sooner or later).

Spoilers alert

"The world is beautiful...
Even if it's filled with tears and sadness...
Still, open your eyes...
Do the things you want to try...
Become the person you desire...
Go and search for friends...
Don't rush things and grow up slowly..."

- The Ichinoses
Clannad Ep. 15 - Theory of Everything
(Okay, I may have given up the answer a little too soon :P But a quote is a quote)

Featuring one of my favorite quotes of all time. No bombastic vocabulary, no poetic elements and no deep meaning. A simple message from a pair of deceased parents to their daughter. The parents were scientists who were working to pursue for the ToE and they happen to have found the Superstring theory (my guess from the dialogues of the anime). Involved in a plane crash, they took the last few minutes of their life to write this letter to their daughter, dumped their papers from their suitcase and stuffed a teddy bear which their daughter "asked" for (Watch anime for details). The suitcase was passed across countries to eventually find the daughter of the suitcase owner.

Spoilers aside (:P), to me this is somehow the theory of everything, which is de facto our lives. All the hassle to look for these truths, all the lives and times sacrificed to make our own and our loved ones' lives easier, aren't all these, once again, to bring satisfaction and happiness to ourselves, the humans? Indeed, humans are curious creatures, and so there are many times that they tend to rush and push forward, overlooking the simplicity of life. We don't need any deity to tell us what to do, we don't need science to justify anything that has to do with us. In fact, many of us, or so I think, just want an easy and quiet life. I, personally, would eat to take my time growing up, searching for the answers that I wish to search for, feeling lives evolve around me. And when the time comes, I just want to see the same process in the coming generations, where they grow up, look for themselves, and then look at how their coming generation grow. The cycle itself can be eternal, yet, it is beautiful.

I guess that's the theory of the true everything that is needed for us. KEY has indeed pushed sarcasm to its maximum for this episode. It felt as if they were laughing at foolish scientists who were looking for something that is impossible, and yet can so easily be explained in another way.