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Hey there, thanks for visiting. The construction work for the blog has just finished except for one thing and that's the lounge section, as always. (For some reason, it's always incomplete)
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Jul 13, 2011


Been selected as the President of the school Taekwondo club, the Secretary of the school Christian Fellowship Club (I'm not a Christian though), and the Treasurer of the school Kelab Bahasa Melayu. Well that sounded "great", right? Having playing all different roles at once. I never expected this to happen. Well, I'll always have to expect the unexpected. haha...

Nevertheless, I've only started my role as a President cause the others, which are still not passed on to me yet, are under the old seniors' work cause they didn't fulfill their duties yet. The thing is, I'm not feeling any pressure. Perhaps I'm already used to it even though I was never given pressure by others. I pressure myself usually. It's a motivating action after all. Self-motivation is somehow important. However, one would always meet desperate moments in life.

And I'm actually facing a problem, which I don't really see it as a problem but it makes out another one for me, which on the contrary is kinda problematic. I don't know if I should write it so I'm waiting for replies in the comment section to see your respond. If you're wanting to know, just drop a message saying you want to know about the problem and I'll write it in a new blog post or just put an extra slip into this post.

So I'm now organizing a farewell party which I'm not sure which date should I fix now. It was fixed before but many things happened and it varied. I'm not getting a very good response from my committee team. They aren't giving me enough confidence to do work well along with them. I really hope that they can be more dedicated in doing their job, even if they don't like it. A mission is a mission and it is to be fulfilled. We're always made to do things we don't like to. We might be able to choose at times but not all of them gives you an option. So when it comes to doing things we don't like or are not interested in, but ordered by our superiors, just do it. I know that I have once been rebellious with this problem but I've already learnt my lesson. This is life, and it is to be accepted, not escape from it.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference
Therefore, I really do hope that we can all change our behavior together (cause perhaps I'm still caught within it). We work as a team and it's time to put an end to individualistic mindsets. Think of possibilities, not impossibility.

Well we'll put an end to that matter now...

What's up with me recently, let's see...
Lost my voice a voice a week ago. And even now, I can hardly reach certain notes when I'm singing. I'm not very talented or skilled but I could sing well. *sigh... Now I'm looking for a way to make my voice recover faster. Drinking water hardly helped. Need some suggestions... :D