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Jun 28, 2011


Life's been like a piece of crumpled paper. I don't know why I'm using that as my adjective. But some things have been so wrong and I just can't tell why. I know that something is afoot but I don't think I can solve it.

I noticed some changes in one of my friends attitude towards me. Yet, I can't tell if it's an underestimation or jealousy. He's like trying to argue over everything with me. He's so full of himself, I can hear that in his voice. And he's underestimating my knowledge and thinking skills, having the thought that I think like a little kid, not knowing the pros and cons of every single issue I'm discussing with him.

Well, frankly, I don't really see his maturity in solving the problems I discuss with him. All he knows is to tell me to do everything that he considers correct, without a consolidated reason that I can trust. He'll just say that my ideas are all failures whereas his are all fresh and juicy ones, where I don't see that it is. There are so many weaknesses but as I point them out, he'll just say something like, "Bah! Just do it and you'll know that I'm right." What the hell!? His ideas were applied by others before but they all failed and he's going to use it on the same situation again? And he's telling me that I'm just not thinking rationally. Please, I tried his ways before but I ended up facing the wall...

I really don't know what's up with him. We were in the same group in both the Chemistry lab and the Biology lab. We had both the lessons today and we did experiments. I wasn't really listening to the Chemistry teacher as I was certain of what she was teaching and we already have the worksheets handed out, with the procedures of the experiment written clearly on them. When I was checking on the materials we prepared, I noticed some mistakes and I told everyone. He was like, "Weren't you listening to the teacher?" and everyone looked at him. One of my team mates replied in a sarcastic way, saying that "Yeah yeah. You're the only one who listened to the teacher." which actually he wasn't (I know as I was sitting right beside him). And I was very certain that one of our apparatus has some problems and yet he said that we're only setting the apparatus in the wrong way. I told him that we've checked if all the apparatus was function-able and only the electrolytic cell (we were doing the experiment for electrolysis) was not functioning. And he was like, "No way" as he kept on commenting that our set-up of the electrolytic cell was wrong. *sigh...

Later, at the Biology lab, we were experimenting on energy values. Honestly, I have a clear picture of the whole experiment after reading the procedures a few times. The experiment was simple but the guy was making things bad. I really don't know what's the fuss with him. We had to burn some nuts to find out its energy value and one of them was a groundnut. The groundnut was poked with a needle and was attached to a lump of plasticine on the other end. I told him to poke deeper into the groundnut to avoid it from falling when it was burnt (as the first one did, this was the second one) and he replied in disdain, "Some things are easier said than done." I was so shocked at the way he said that. Was poking a groundnut so hard? OMG... And one of my friends protected me by saying, "Do you have to 'shoot' at him like that?"

So I just don't know what's with him. I did notice his change in attitude towards me since a few weeks ago but I neglected it as I was thinking perhaps he was just not in a good mood or I would just take his comments as his ideas. But he's getting a little too over recently and it seems that I should have some action yet I don't know what to do. *sigh...

However, it might also be my problem. Perhaps something I did made him change. I don't know. I never did anything. Oh well...

After a little thinking and a few comments from my friends, I think that it's my problem. Perhaps I'm kinda narrow-minded... *sigh...