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Oct 28, 2010

Exaggerate (浮夸)

This is how my life goes, a little too exaggerating at times but it's all made up to be sure that you're taken attention to. Without enough attention, no one can really survive. Like the life of an invisible man, unknown by others. You might think that it's pretty cool cause no one knows you out there and you can prank around. But when the time comes, you'll regret for what you thought at first.

有人问我 我就会讲
我期待 到无奈
有话要讲 得不到装载
人潮内 愈文静
愈变得 不受理睬
着最闪的衫 扮十分感慨
有人来拍照 要记住插袋

This is how a celebrity feels, some of them at most of the time. Putting out a pose for news reporters or magazine paparazzi to catch some photo and put them up on their produced reading materials. It's the same for us, the non-celebrities. We disguise ourselves to show out the best of our own in the open society. Occasionally, some break down and complain to their relatives about this and that. But it all "wears off" later and they'll stand up again, eager for more.

似木头 似石头的话
很不安 怎去优雅
怎么有话题 让我夸

Seriously, when you're in the midst of a crowd, or even if you're in a group, some tend to be ignored or forgotten. Their words are not even considered. The instability between people is everywhere. The rich, intelligent, good-looking, resourceful ones will attract more attention while the poor, uneducated, normal-looking, not-as-resourceful ones will be kicked aside. It is an endless vicious cycle which no one can ever change it. Where there is people, there is trouble.

那年十八 母校舞会
那时候 我含泪
发誓各位 必须看到我
情爱中 工作中
未曾获得过 便知我为何
大动作很多 犯下这些错
搏人们看着我 算病态么

Normally, a person works hard because of something. Either its for a family, for a thing, for an animal, for a plant, or for anything else. And self-consciousness, some have too less, some too much. It is also easily manipulated and variated. The environment is a powerful weapon against a person. it can either build him up into a skyscraper, or crumble it into ashes.