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Aug 23, 2010

The Mess

As you can perfectly see from the image beside, it's not that I'm only in a physical mess but mentally too. I don't really like it. It's like my whole brain is clogged with nonsense and useless things that are not necessary.

Not that I'm getting obsessed to myself or anything stupid you can think of (:P), I have actually multiple talents (too bad I'm not multi-master). Because of that, I'm not sure what should I aspire for the future.

"If I am...", quite an abstractive album from a Hong Kong band named Mr. A pretty creative name so that's a thumbs up for them. "If I am..." is their first album released and the main hit is the song "If I am Eason Chan" (Eason Chan, a popular singer who had been given many prizes throughout his career). They really sang like him though. Even Eason himself did a little "crossover" in the end of the song. An overall for the song, keep it up.

Well, that was a song from around last year. To be strictly judging from 5 years listening to music, there's not much songs that I should really praise for this year, particularly the Chinese music industry. Most of them are just like a wind strike that goes "Whoop!" and that's the end of it. None of them stayed long enough for a year and it's like they got rotten so fast. I really wish that those artist can work harder on reaching their final goal which is getting themselves on the stage of Hollywood. This dream is gonna go forever if this continues. (PS: There are also no English songs that fascinate me).

Judging from time, it's only a 11/2 months to the darned PMR. I seriously can't walk into the exam hall with a head like this (not the hair style, please). I think I should consume less vitamin K to slow up the blood clog and increase fluency in my blood circulation, especially the blood to my brain (lol, science). The school had been giving us students a bad and good time. The good time is that we don't really have much homework to do. The bad time is that we have a lot of modal paper work for answering in the exam. It's pretty tiring. I shall definitely get some good rest after the PMR. And oh, I shouldn't be too active blogging actually. I kinda signed an agreement that I won't be sticking to the pc for to long for a day. So cheers!