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Jul 3, 2012

Breaking Down

Am I on track now? Am I... already on the right track now? Am I... slowly getting what I want? Are all my hard work all the suffering I've gone through proved to be worthy enough?

A half-broken family, an complicated and uncertain relationship, a pile of unfinished homework and assignments, a tired soul and body, a seemingly distant and difficult-to-reach aspiration, a seemingly misty future and dream... Could life get any worse? They are conflicts of the heart and mind, which are a lot worse than the slicing of one's skin or burning of their body.

I want to fill a place with all my screams
I want to light a place on fire and burn all the pain coming at me
I want to dive into deep sea and let the coldness freeze my bones
I want to launch myself into outer space and suffocate myself to death
I want to punch down layers and layers of walls till my fists rot
I want to jump down the mountain and yell madly
I want to run at lightning speed to exhaust myself
I want to smash rocks with my hands till my bleeding dries

None of these will ever happen nonetheless. I can't do anything about these. I can't decide anything. Everything is happening simultaneously without giving me a second to breathe.

Town, Flow of Time, People
Going on like endless Roaring Tides
I long for The Place where Wishes come true
Yet, I am somehow losing sight of what is Existence
Will I ever be able to hold The Palm of a Tiny Hand,
O' my Dearly Beloved?